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I get distracted easily. Oftentimes I have (past tense because I am changing this about myself) found myself drifting between one activity to another. Come to find out, at the end of the day, seemingly nothing gets done!

Obviously things get done, but if you are hyper-critical of yourself like me, then you are always measuring yourself against your potential. And your potential is infinite, so that is like trying to find you shadow while staring towards the blazing sun. You never get enough done. You’re KPIs are always lagging relative to where you expect them to be.

Now that we find ourselves stuck with ourselves, probably working from home, unable to fuss around bouncing from coffee shop to coffee shop pretending to work on that webpage you’ve been looking at for weeks on end. It’s harder to avoid the things we aren’t doing, and our schedule obviously be hitting a little different.

Think of your schedule/organization as stairs that allow you to progress in your workflow

Time management skills include staying positive, breaking negative holding patterns, knowing your purpose and driving forward by keeping track of your results and surrounding yourself with a culture of accountability. But that’s easier said than done, right? Wrong. Just do it.

Seriously though, a few minutes ago I decided I wanted to make a hot chocolate and write a blog post. Knowing that this is what I am working on, I took some time to organize my thoughts and *I made a decision* to sit down and click ‘New Post’ and start writing.

Most of us are not perfectionists and we don’t have every minute of our day planned out. But if organization doesn’t come naturally to you, then you should work on and get your calendars are color-coordinated. People who operate in a state of disorganized chaos benefit most from gaining some basic time management skills, and can operate that much more effectively.