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Last week I had a chat with my friend Danny ‘Hollywood’ Silvestri. I met him because I needed a haircut for my wedding last year, and word on the streets was that he was the best barber in town. We had a chat about what it is like being in a skilled trade business as an entrepreneur starting his own barber shops, and we became friends.

One point that came up during our conversation was that, if you want to do something creative, you have to allocate some time and energy to doing so. He brought up the “80/20” rule, also known as the Pareto Principle. I believe that is a very powerful point, because big businesses or projects always start small. It takes time and energy investment.

He pointed out that people can use 80% focus on working the 9-5 to pay rent, while 20% focus can be on creating the job or life that you envision for yourself (whether that be cutting hair, flipping shoes or creating art).

That was a major shift in my mindset when I realized that I could focus some of my time and energy on a “side-hustle” that would eventually create a business and allow me to live life more on my own terms. I think that it is a very powerful principle to understand for anyone looking to create more freedom in their lives.

You can view the full conversation here: