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“Improve a little each day and you’ll surprise yourself over time”

– Me

I decided to make some positive changes today, so I thought that I would share them with whoever is willing to take the time. Thanks for taking the time.

The reason I share these things is because I think that these, seemingly minor changes, are actually major game-changers. When I made this decision, I called a couple of my friends and shared it because I think that these changes can positively affect anyone else who decides to implement these same powerful tools.

  • I’m going to write for 20 minutes every day.

I’ve been writing for 5 minutes already. What an accomplishment!

20 minutes is a good time commitment because it is not too daunting. The point is to write daily, but 2 minutes doesn’t count. An hour would be too much. 20 minutes is doable, and I can hold myself accountable to that.

  • I’m going to start using a daily/weekly planner

Time is value. My time is valuable and so is yours. You loose control of what you do not keep track of. Therefore I am going to start keeping much better track of my time and this will allow me to hold myself more accountable to how I am spending my time.

⬆️ Here is my favorite calendar from Stephen Covey’s Book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People that I like because it focuses on more than time. It helps one prioritize Roles and Goals along with “the bigger picture”.

  • I’m going to read a chapter or two in a book each day

Reading, like anything else, is all about consistency. A chapter or two a day is do-able.

  • I’m going to be putting out more multi-platform content

Why the hell not? I’ve got interesting thoughts to share on twitter @ColbyNoe, Photos on IG @realColby, on Snap, Facebook etc. etc.

I’m interesting in using social media to connect with people that are also interested in self-improvement, so I am looking foreword to documenting more of my journey as I go.

  • I’m going to schedule time to connect with my core community

These are the people that I share positive insights with. That doesn’t mean that we always agree with each other. Far from it! I’m interested in providing value to my community and receiving it back, therefore this is a priority for me every day.

Setting commitments is only as good as your ablity to keep them. Therefore it is important to set the bar low enough to be achievable. Thanks for taking the time, and please give me some feedback about what you are working on achieving.