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Isn’t it funny how that the lessons we must learn are often difficult and inconvenient? I was thinking about this yesterday, about why most people don’t choose to grow in self-knowledge. Why? Because knowing yourself is difficult and painful, and it defined by your awareness of your own character flaws.

Side note: Yesterday I was feeling creative and positive, building momentum in my work flow. Around dinner time I had a phone call with someone complaining and being negative, which provoked a reaction in me that I did not like. That got me thinking about how I could’ve handled the situation better and used my positive energy to lift the conversation up instead of letting it go negative, as seems to be the default.

Think about how a round number (positive energy) plus an odd number (negative energy) equals an odd number. That is often how interactions go with negative people. We all “go negative” sometimes and view our problems through the dark lenses. That’s I find that it is very refreshing to get a different perspective.

Anyways, I just thought I would write while I have a warm cup of Mycelium mushroom coffee that I believe it is routine that keeps us grounded and prepared for when chaos inevitably strikes. To use the cliché, consistency is key, I think that is true insofar that it unlocks all kinds of potential (good or bad).

Think about organization & routine as the stairs which allow you to climb the workflow channel into increasing responsibilities.

Making habits and behaviors a routine isn’t always good. It can be harmful. Bad habits are just as easily cemented. And I am becoming increasingly more aware that my power largely lies in how I control my time and energy. There is a nice balance of order and chaos in a good workflow. Creativity requires venturing into the unknown. It is by the sharpness of organization that we are able to carve value out of the day and “stay on top” of things which seem to pile up if we don’t.

So that’s my thoughts for this morning. This mushroom coffee really be hittin’! I think that by becoming more organized and fine tuning my routines I will be able to handle more creativity, make better use of my time and help people that may be struggling to do so themselves. Have a lovely day!