Switching to Fresh Spring H²O ⛲️

So I’ve just awakened, feeling great, and I’ve slowly sat down and had some black tea with honey and creme. As of last evening, I started drinking natural spring water from a local deep earth spring, and I wanted to share some of my first impressions.

You may not think that this is worth writing about. Clearly I disagree. Just from the first day of switching to water that is thousands of years old, purified through the layers of earth, and mineralized thereby, I think this is an important topic.

A friend of mine, Ben, had brought this to my attention over one year ago. He actually drives to Climax, KY, South of Lexington, and fills up multiple 5 gal jugs on a weekly basis. And for some reason I looked into Daniel Vitalis, someone Ben had recommended listening to. It clicked for me, in that water is the most important substance to life, and not all H²O is the same.

If your water is treated with chlorine and floride, pumped through old pipes and recycled through sewage and metro-infrastructure, that’s obviously not the same as water which has been moving naturally for thousands of years to a pool underground, collecting minerals while being filtered under pressure through layers of limestone here in Kentucky, only to spring up in clean, abundant support of life. That’s what I’m talking about!

So I did some quick research. My friend said that he hadn’t any on hand and that he’d let me know when he got some more. Come to find out a local company is rebranding that same water from that local spring that I visited with my friend a year ago, and it’s about $1 per gallon. Quite affordable in my opinion in that it saves me a trip out there to gather my own.


Day 2 went swimmingly. I drank more spring water and I was a little sore in the chest and arms from working out. I’ve been eating better, in having less fast food. Trying to limit my coffee consumption, but I had a couple cups later in the morning. I’ve noticed that when I first got my spring water yesterday, I drank lots of it. I was parched! After chugging it, I’ve been less thirsty for obvious reasons. But I think that spring water is more rich in minerals and the hydration quality is such that it takes less water to hydrate yourself. I drank some today, not copious amounts, and felt fully hydrated. So at the end of day two, I was starving so I ate some eggs and hummus and a PBR before going to the gym, and at the gym I brought a bottle of spring water. My friend’s taste test was interesting, in that he thinks that the water “tastes smooth, like bourbon”. I think he was describing the heaviness to it, in that it feels substantial, or thick when you drink it. I describe it as tasting like whole milk vs skim milk (tap water)

The problem with tap water is that it isn’t fresh or untainted. It’s treated with all kinds of stuff so that you won’t get terribly sick drinking it. It’s recycled and treated, containing even pharmaceutical drugs. If you find a good spring, you’re getting the pure product the way God made it! That makes sense to me, and I don’t mind paying a little for good water because I feel that it is the most important substance when you think about it.

So day #4 and I’m drinking coffee made with this good water. Yesterday I installed a shower-filter to get out harmful substances (like chlorine) from my shower.


I’ve been doing the water thing for over a month now. As a matter of fact, I ran out of water this morning and poured little bottles in my Chemex to make coffee. I need to re-up. I need to get out of my robe, get dressed, and drive 5 miles to get 5 gallons. But I feel great! I’ve also been making one or two “Lemon Volcanoes” a day, which is a mineral water like Pelegrino or Gerolsteiner with some pure lemon juice. It’s a great elixer and has fantastic digestive enzymes. I love to drink bubbly lemon mineral water after eating. Also I’ve been taking probiotics for beneficial gut flora because I believe that the gut is literally your second mind in that it effects mood and performance. It’s hard to have a clear mind without a healthy gut.

So anyways, clean water is great. It makes great coffee (I need to get a second cut). I’m super glad that I put a filter on my shower, to reduce my exposure to chorine and the like, and I’m going to the sauna to sweat out toxins, replacing them with nutrients. Perfection is a poor standard, but we can all strive to eat well (whatever that means to you) and drink well.

I went to a yoga class, which is funny because I’m totally not a soy-boy, but the yogi gave me an interesting quote. She talked about being more body-full instead of the popular concept of mindfulness. Well the mind is the body. Let’s not hyper-focus on one part or aspect. Let’s work to make positivity in all aspects. Mind and body. Breath and being grounded. Enjoying tasty grub and getting nutrients. Eat well, drink well, love life!