Healthier Choices I’m Making for Myself

Check it out – life is short. What kind of life are you living? I ask myself that regularly. And here are some of the choices that I’m making to live the life that I want to.

Really there are too many to list. I feel that I’m constantly adjusting, sensing, evaluating. Right now I’m writing this as I listen to some very empowering and relaxing dubs from this producer out of Belgium Digid. I took a much needed shower after going to the gym for an hour. I just now got an email confirming that I have a massage with Gabriel “Magic Hands” LMT tomorrow at CLimb Nulu.

I put a filter on my shower head to filter out nasty shit. Chlorine mainly, but also base metals from old pipe infrastructure and the neurotoxin fluoride that they unnecessarily put in tap water. I don’t think it filters fluoride out, but it definitely filters chlorine and other crap out. My showers are more enjoyable now, knowing the water is cleaner and I’m not absorbing toxins, or reducing my exposure.

I started drinking only the freshest natural spring water that I can find. My buddy preached the spring water gospel to me over a year ago, but I thought it to be inconvenient. After coming across @danielvitalis and his talks about this issue, I decided that clean water strait from the earth is worth paying for. My old buddy has been driving over 100 miles weekly to fetch fresh water for a local food club that I need to renew my membership with. Check them out if your a 502 local. Their organic and mostly locally sourced food is super dank (especially the yogurt). 😜

So my H²O that I’m putting in my body (my body which is composed of over 70% H²O mind you) has gotten cleaner. It’s interesting because apparently research suggests that quality water has been shown to directly effect ones hormonal and nervous systems, namely the pineal gland in the brain. The third eye as it is referred to, regulating dopamine levels and REM sleep. An interesting concept, that water is life and not all water is the same. I believe the element is fundamental to one’s health, in that in order to achieve peak health and performance, one must source fresh and clean water.

Food too. I’ve been trying to eat healthier. This is something I’m struggling with, in a good way. Finding time to cook is difficult for me, so I’ve been trying the “AirBNB Diet” as James Altucher refers to it. Eating healthy and quick can be affordable. Go for the fresh snacks instead of processed foods. Spend $5 at a healthy grocery instead of on fast food. Salmon & pasta is my go to at Whole Foods, with a mineral water. I can get out of there for under $10 every day.

Saving money is a big deal. If you drop all kinds of cash (or even worse, credit) on lattes and expensive snacks, good luck saving any money. Luckily I’m naturally cheap af, so I don’t spend a lot on unnecessary splurges. I negotiate with everyone when theres a negotiation to be had. I enjoy saving money more than spending it.

Being nice with people is another thing I’m focusing on. Enjoying peoples company. Letting people enjoy mine. Life is better when you develop mutually beneficial symbiotic relationships, to whatever degree. I get acquainted with as many people as I can, even though I don’t consider myself that social. I enjoy getting to know people individually, even if it’s just a casual encounter with someone doing business.

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It has felt great to take breaks from working and MAKING* time for myself to go to the gym, stretch, foam roll, do some yoga or just walk around with my camera. This is something I’ve been meditating on, that if you don’t take time or opportunities with money or eating/drinking well, spending time with people you care about etc., then you don’t. That’s it. You have to make it happen for yourself. So that’s what I’m trying to do. I’ll keep you posted on how things go. Thank you.