How YOU Livin’⁉️

Life is defined by movement, and death the lack thereof. So if you’re not making moves, you’re dying (on the vine). You’ve got to get up and be somebody! Because the alternative isn’t worthwhile. But who do you want to be?

Define success. Envision it. Does it involve wealth? Power? I wonder how you relate to yourself and other people. I want to know what kind of energy you are disseminating, because that tells me what kind of person you are.

Don’t get me wrong and think that I am some sort of mamby-pamby think positive thoughts Soy-boy. Think that at risk of being thrown out of a ROFLCOPTER 🕴💭🚁😂

Rather I think that I’m interested in the truth. I’m committed to the facts and reason, yea, I even love the truth because what choice do i have? It’s either philosophy or sophistry, and ain’t nobody got time for that. But baffilingly people do have time for sophistry, and it seems that blue pills are in much higher demand than the medicine.

You cannot speak in love, or bring about positivity, if it is not rooted and grounded in the objective truth itself. Obviously I’m not talking about things of subjective nature here, but I’m taking a dive into the shocking question of what it means to live well as a good person. Suffice it to say, and hopefully we can agree that good people live according to “the truth”, and if you object to that, then stop reading here because nothing matters…. man.

Anyways, I don’t want to dwell and make the argument for the objectivity of truth or morality, but I would like to simply comment on some things that I think are good for you such as travel and mixing up your social life.

I think that if you’re complaining, like I have been, then you need to splash your face with some cold water and wake up. You’re going to die. You’re going to die. Once, not twice. YOU 👏ARE👏GOING👏TO👏DIE.

That concerns me, because I am going to die also, and I would like to live well and take advantage of the good opportunities afforded to me.

By the way, thanks for reading thus far. I appreciate your attention.

So a couple of ways you can set yourself up for success: you can not live a boring and stagnant, miserable existence. Get up and be somebody! Evan as someone who isn’t particularly artistic (I haven’t discovered any artistic talents worth mentioning as yet), I feel like humans are meant to express themselves. Meant to be productive and creative. Are you being productive and creative? Does it feel good?

So I just wanted to write about how one shouldn’t get tied down by sub-optimal or low-rent environments which starve your ability to be fruitful and flourish into your potential. Are you exploring your potential? If not, that’s a shame!

The past is impossible to change, but profitable to learn from. If you’re miserable, consider what you can do to sustainably be less miserable. Focus on the future, and the choices available to you, no matter how limited those choices are.

Don’t get stuck in situations without a positive future perspective. If the people around you are not learning from their misfortunes, then unfortunately they are losers. If you learn and become a better person, often times it is painful, but at least your suffering won’t be in vain. I would not have you ignorant, brethren, as the only way you can keep your heart with all diligence is if you buy the truth and sell it not.