My First Amazon Toy Haul

I wasn’t even planning on going to Toys-R-Us today. Usually I have to wait for my allowance to come in. And I spent last weeks allowances on X-Boxs. And you wouldn’t believe it, all of my X-Boxs are in limbo because the God-damn trucking company that shipped them is incompetent.

Anyways, I woke up and saw that @ReezyResells was live on Instagram, and I had to tune in and glean some valuable knowledge from on high. And that I did. He mentioned that Toys-R-Us has a 10% off sale on Thursdays, and there’s a $25 coupon promo for $100 spent. How about that? Cash me outside?

So after delivering for Amazon, after I had completed my 3 hour “block” of work in an hour an a half, I headed over to Whole Foods for a cup of tea and next-door to Toys-R-Us to do some scanning. The first thing that I noticed was that there are a multitude of SKUs and it can be a little bit intimidating trying to pick out toys I thought I could sell.

I found a few dog “plush puppy” dolls on clearance that had a somewhat descent sales rating at about 150k. Mind you, it’s about to be Christmas time. I bought a few after I found something that had 50+% profit after fees, and felt like I had accomplished what I went there for. Business.

Then I realized I was late to my next block that I had scheduled for Amazon, thinking I could go home and drop off these goofy dogs because when you deliver for Amazon often times your using every inch of storage space and you cannot have personal belongings (or a lot of ridiculous toys).

I went back in to the toy store and asked if I could pick them up later. They kindly allowed me to leave my toys there, so I went and knocked out another 3 hour block in 2 for a total of $108 delivering for Amazon in 3.5 hours. Not too shabby. ***

I went back to Whole Foods for some healthy grub, feeling lightheaded because I had not eaten in a while, and made my way next-door again to Toys. Searching more, I wondered if they would give me another $25 gift card seeing as I had already used that coupon earlier. I found some sweet Frozen inline/ice skates that I’d try out if they fit me. Bought another $100 of those and a Choco-Taco and happily left having payed $82 for what I earnestly expect $200 in return, fulfilled by Amazon (which means they do most of the hard work like shipping and dealing with the customer/returns). All in all I felt like it was a pretty descent first toy haul.