I Love Selling Stuff

I just do. Selling stuff is amazing. One minute ago I heard an old cash register sound. That’s my eBay app telling me I caught an offer, a bid, or a sale. This time it happened to be a sale of some Nike shoes that I will ship out tomorrow along with some Adidas and a Puma shirt. But that’s my favorite sound, the cash register noise, because it sounds like instant gratification money. I know that chemically I get a hit of dopamine when I hear that; it feels rewarding.

I enjoy buying large quantities of stuff. It’s a scientific fact that dopamine is the reward chemical of the brain. It provides for the feeling of pleasure, activating the reward pathways and pleasure centers within the brain.

Spending money and consuming gives instant gratification, and that’s why credit card companies have made it so easy to become indebted though consumerism. But it takes a bit of self-control and discipline to buy stuff for the sake of resale, and actually be profitable. For example, I’ve had a pair of New Balance shoes that I really like, in my size, that I’ve wanted to wear for some time now. But, I bought them with the intent to distribute. It’s been weeks now, I’ve lowered the price, and I can’t believe they haven’t sold yet.

Buying lots of stuff is fun though, especially when it’s sustainable and profitable. The people at Costco said they were going to make a bed for me there because they see me daily. I’m friends with some of them. One said, “We’re going to put a bed for you up front” to which I responded that I’ve already got a cot set up in the back of the store. They laughably say I keep the lights on. But I don’t even really like buying lots of stuff for myself. I’m quite cheap actually, and trying to get better about allowing myself to spend money. I do enjoy buying stuff for sale though, and it gives me a rush when I turn a profit.

Amazon has been fuel for my fire. I started out buying 82 pairs of shoes I wasn’t even sure if I could sell because I wasn’t yet approved for Adidas, or the shoe category. My friend helped me pick up and carry all these damn shoes and it ended up working out, I’ve sold almost all of them.

So it’s good fun, if you enjoy the thrill of the deal and bang for the buck. Also if you like the balancing act of the risk/reward tight rope. So far I’ve been able to navigate forward and it’s been a rewarding journey, and I’m just getting started.