Creme! Gotta Get the Money. Dollar Dollar Bills Y’all!

So I’m sitting here drinking my coffee with honey and without milk, because I haven’t gotten my groceries, but normally I drink it with milk and honey. The Bible says those two things are good, and they are, in coffee. But this cup of coffee is a heaven-send even without creme, because I was up late last night and I slept in. I noticed that I was running late to go pick up from Amazon to make deliveries, which I had actually forgotten about. So I canceled that, and promptly started brewing some coffee.

But I brought in over $10,000 in the last 48 hours. Cool, right? That is hands down by far the most money I’ve grossed ever. I’m on track to have another big day today, even possibly another 5K day. But you know what is funny? It doesn’t feel much different from all of the other days! Don’t get me wrong, it feels good, but I want to share some of my psychology when I’m hitting these new highs, which objectively are a big deal for me and my business, but subjectively it doesn’t feel life changing.

How would you feel if someone just gave you $10,000 as a gift? I remember when I was given one hundred $1 bills by a friend for my 13th birthday, and I felt like the flipping man! I was thumbing through those ones, and it felt like a major boss move in my early business career. I’ve always wanted my money to make more money though, and even as a kid I was encouraged to create value using my resources. It became the best game ever to think about how I could hustle new money by selling Colby’s Coolers which was my first real business. I walked up and down Ojai Avenue on Ojai Day or the Fourth of July selling coolers and fans to people dying of heatstroke at a healthy markup from fans that my friend Andrew and I had bought when my Mom took us to Walmart. Call us the original OGs of Walmart Arbitrage.

We bought those fans for around $100 and I had a stack of $300 or $400 from a couple hours work, and I think it was then that I understood that you never want to settle for the $100 that your friend gives you on your birthday and buy some dumb shit with that, but the greater gift is one that keeps giving.

Anyways, I kind of feel that way with $10K. I mean, yeah, great. I’m stoked I made some quick dough. And I need it. But I guess I’m just trying to take a really big MACRO perspective, that I need to continue the growth, or it is just vanity, seeing as it’s not like I can retire (I never want to retire, God that sounds horrible). I should mention, I’ve learned that it’s not what your bringing in, it’s the increase. You could be selling tons of shit at a loss. Thankfully, I’ve learned to focus on profit margins, and I’m making well over 25% net profit.

So what I’m saying (to myself) is, keep moving. Keep investing in what has allowed for growth. Keep re-investing, and finding new ways to be smarter and more efficient while “working hard”. Do both. And I guess it’s OK to treat yo-self a little bit, and buy a damn desk.