AirBNB Preview: How I Got Started

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Sometimes life just throws you a bone. One year ago my roommates kicked me out because one of their frat bros needed a place to stay and wanted to move in, which meant me moving out. So they asked me to leave, and that was fine with me, because the only reason that I was staying there was because rent was pretty cheap, allowing me to save money. Long story short, it wasn’t the best living situation. I had to get my deposit back in small claims court even though I had left the place in much better condition than before.

So after having received thirty day notice, I was rushing to find a place. I found a place in downtown Louisville that I thought to be too good to be true. The manager was working with me to get my paperwork approved for the two bedroom with the best view, and the clock was ticking. Another fairly nice place had fallen through because I’ve been totally self-employed, and proving income is a bit more difficult without W-2’s from an employer.

But then I landed this place, with hours, not days, to spare. I was looking at all options at that point, and those tidings came as cold waters to a thirsty soul. So I moved in with basically nothing but a bed, and it looked like a hostel for the first six months as I slowly got furniture and made it feel like home.

I got two bedrooms 1) because it seemed to be the best deal available (like my car*), and 2) because I wanted to AirBNB. But I wasn’t sure if it would be viable. So I just started doing it. I took a few pics of my basic set-up, and went through their little process, and… voilå, people were staying here and I started to get paid.

My prices really haven’t changed since then, even though I’ve added furniture, artwork, nice pillows, a hairdryer, 32″ HD TV, and an ironing board; all of which I had not before. My first few guests were happy with the location and cleanliness. I have new carpets, unlike my previous small-claims situation. 😂 They were happy with the bed and cubbies and simple accommodations.

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From then on I’ve taken the money I’ve made with AirBNB and reinvested in in better furniture and make it much more comfortable. I’m thinking about putting a little fireplace in my apartment living room next. But besides the money, and I do appreciate the revenue stream, my guests themselves are the best. I’ve enjoyed each of their company, no matter how brief or extended, thoroughly.

I’ve had all kinds of unique people stay with me. As you’d expect, many business people and tourists. College kids and people interviewing. I live so close to the hospitals downtown that many of Louisville Hospital and Dental School interviewees, neurologists and the like have stayed with me. Fantastic people, all of them.

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I’ve played dominos with businessmen from Hawaii. They taught me how to play, and I won (twice). So many people have stayed with me that I’m making a map highlighting wherefrom.

I simply 💚 providing a place for people to rest and relax in Louisville. For business or recreation, I’m glad people from all over the country and world can benefit from what I have to offer. I still keep in touch with many of my previous guests. I wish I could keep in touch with all of them! My experience with AirBNB has far surpassed my expectations and I look forward to posting videos and writing more about it.