New Chapters

Doesn’t it feel fantastic to enter new stages in life, to make new friendships, to explore new business and travel? Likewise it is excruciatingly painful to feel stuck, stagnant and under-appreciated. It hurts to break relationships, to the point of making you doubt whether it was worth making in the first place. Why become close if you’re going to be torn apart? Why settle somewhere if you’re going to be uprooted? Or invest time into a venture that is just going to fail?

Arguably because without such losses you wouldn’t learn. I feel like there are people that are interested in truth, and there are people that are committed to living in the ignorant bliss of delusion and comfort. People that avoid discomfort at all costs and hedge themselves to avoid making conscious life changing decisions. Those are the ones that “go with the flow”, say that “things will just work out” while adjudicating themselves of culpability. Then there are people that desire to know all the facts, realizing that just “going with the flow” often results in loosing all control in the grand rapids of life.

Of course it’s not totally binary, but most people place their tents more in one camp or another. If you haven’t guessed, I like to be more conscious and less passive. Which is easier said than done! I realize that there are plenty of things (in fact, most things) that are out of my control. 99.999999% give or take. But I control my decision making processes, and am interested in self-knowledge to know the deeper conceptions upon which I base my beliefs. I choose my focus, and that translates into how I live my life.

So as I turn into what feels like a new chapter, I’m excited, because I feel equipped. I don’t want to live life in fear, although there’s good reason to fear perdition. Perdition is defined as, noun 1. Entire loss or ruin; utter destruction. And I think it’s good to feel that as it can happen to anyone, including you.

I feel great power in embracing contrast. Black/white. Good/evil. Right/wrong. Like I said before, more often than not, life isn’t that binary. But sometimes it is, especially with regard to morality.

Anyways, I feel like you have to embrace your challenges with dedication to staying active and taking responsibility. If you find yourself in a bad economic, social or emotional state or situation, acknowledge how you chose it. You always have responsibility for your situation. Deal with it.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm, But Doesn’t Keep It

Think about it. The person who gets up early wins. That rings true, but it has more to do with discipline than the actual hour one wakes up. Because the people that wake up early that are REALLY winning, the innovators and creators and leaders that wake up early, also went to bed early. They got their 7 or 8 hours of sleep. Surely, some of them only got 4 or 5, but they most certainly cannot perform most optimally because it is simply impossible.

Lots of working class people (not that there is anything wrong with being working class) simply never get ahead in life. And like anything else, it all comes down to self-knowledge. I woke up at 0600 to take a pis and considered making coffee and starting my day, and then I did the “quick-maths” 2+2=4-1 that’s three and realized I simply wouldn’t have slept enough because I went to bed past midnight.

In order to perform you must maintain. And from what I understand, getting anything less than 7 hours of sleep is not maintaining, but rather undermining, your cognitive abilities.

Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t recommend sleeping in when you’re expected to be at work, but let’s try to not force ourselves into that stressful position by getting to bed early if that is the case. Turn your stupid phone off. Turn the lights off, and don’t listen to crazy music or watch a thriller to get ready for bed. TURN YOUR PHONE OFF. I like to set mine on airplane mode to have the alarm, but take away the temptation to sneak peaks. Let your brain do what it was designed to do, and ready yourself for the beautiful physical and spiritual experience of rest and replenishment.

The Bible says that, “It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows, for so he giveth his beloved sleep.” I just realized as I read that, that God says it’s vain to do the combination of rising early AND staying up late, which apparently results in the eating of the bread of sorrows! That’s cool.

Get some sleep!!! Here is a really cool longform interview with a neurologist on this topic, and I look forward to doing a book review of Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep & Dreams

Why You Should Show Off Your Spoils in Public Victory

I think that it is good to show off. And not even in a humble-brag kind of way, but more like an in your 😝 mouth! kind of way. I say this knowing full-well that it makes me sound like a total douche, but hear me out.

There are many different kinds of people in the world. Some are just cut from a different cloth than others, so to say. I have had a diverse upbringing and experience, with some wealth and abundance as well as poverty and the necessary resourcefulness that comes along with that. I went to public schools, and a boarding school in New Zealand. I’ve driven a public transit 40 ft bus in Louisville Metro, and I’ve sat in an office managing a fleet of drivers. Now I’m running my own resale business.

Point being, I can see things from different perspectives, and when people assume that I was given anything, or have lived a sheltered life, they are mistaken. And that is probably the main reason that I haven’t any qualms about publicly rejoicing in my victories. Because I earned them.

I think it is the coolest thing to prove negativity wrong. To stunt on the haters. To shit on the critics. It’s a great motivation! I don’t know what gets you out of bed in the morning, but for me it is to prove everyone who has doubted me wrong! I smirk and grin as I write that because it is so true for me.

I feel like I’ve been doubted my whole life, and instead of focusing on that as a negative weight that would hold me down, I choose to embrace it and take flight against all adversity. It’s funny, because I empathize with the fact that I come across as if I’ve lived a sheltered life wherein I’ve received hand-outs, but after graduating high school from a motel room because I got kicked out of my house, I haven’t been given shit!

So now when I start to bring in some real money, averaging $1K/day on my Amazon business alone, it feels great knowing that it is the product of my efforts, and I’ve earned it myself. And yet, I’m just beginning, and soon I hope to bring in $10K every day. And I will hilariously still be driving my Mitsubishi (that I bought new, CASH), because for me it is all about practicality. But Lord knows, when I get my big boy car, or even a helicopter, I will have earned it.