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Amazon Flex Pro Tips

Amazon started it’s own delivery service with independent contractors in Louisville Kentucky about two months ago. I started about two weeks ago, slightly salty that I wasn’t the first guinea pig on Noah’s Arc, or the Amazon delivery smirk.

I found out about it as a nice gentleman delivered a package I ordered a day early. I was stoked to get my Glock longsleeve and USB-C charging cord, but I was even more happy about the information that I gathered that wonderful Tuesday from World (that was his name).

Flex Early Delivery Surprise Reaction

I knew Amazon was rolling out such a program, and remember signing up for a email list some weeks before. But I didn’t know it was already in effect! So I immediately jumped on it.

Being totally self-employed already, hell yes I want to deliver packages and get paid for it! I did 6.5 hours of deliveries today in about 5.5 hours. No returns, no screw ups. Because that’s how I like to roll, efficiently.

So it took a few days to get my background check in and all that jazz, and I jumped all over this. First day I ran around slanging packs like nobody’s business.

First Amazon Flex

And I’ve been doing it ever since.

Today it was raining. It started raining on me a little, and I was glad to see that all the last 15 packages were going to one location, because I wasn’t about to deliver past the time I was being payed for in the rain or I would have returned those packages. I’ve had to return packages before because it took them too long to get me in and loading and I couldn’t make all my deliveries. That and I had to go over an hour out of the way to deliver one package.

I’m not complaining though. Complaining is for, well… complainers. I understand that this is a new program and becoming streamlined and I’m glad to participate in the early stages. The Amazon Flex delivery program is quite ingenious when you think about it. It’s like Uber for delivering packages. Quite literally, in that I’ve noticed many Uber / Lyft drivers (such as myself) are participating.

To break down Amazon Flex 101: you schedule yourself, and get paid in “Blocks”. These are time slots for you to load your personal vehicle with packages, and deliver them. Your provided an optimized route of delivering those packages, and I have found that the time that they are paying you for is generally (but not always) reasonable for the job assuming you can move efficiently and not get stuck looking for a particular parcel forever.

You load yourself with the large and small boxes and envelopes. My hatchback has been packed full, and I imagine some people’s smaller cars and sedans capacity just can’t handle it. Especially if they bring a friend or a pet (which they allow for standard package deliveries, not food) because I’ve loaded every inch of my car, including the passenger seats and legroom. I’ve gotten anywhere between 15 – 55 packages at a time with 3-4 hours to deliver them.

Loading/unloading (finding packages) can be difficult and complicated. After a few jobs I came to find out that there’s a system you’ll want to get acquainted with if you’re going to do this. Nobody told me how to organize a million boxes in your car, but I eventually asked and found out.

So bottom line: making some extra money by running around and delivering packages for Amazon through their Flex program works for me; I enjoy it. Perhaps you would like doing this work too? Let me know if you have any questions or comments πŸ˜‰

Living my Dream

I don’t know how I do it, but I do. It’s 2:17 AM, which is like my birthday, 2/17. I’ll be 27 this winter. Brace yourselves, winter is coming. It seems that life has gotten progressively better and better for me. I’ve been through a lot. Haven’t we all? I’ve been homeless, multiple times. Now I sit on a substantial pile of cash.

It’s been a long rough journey, but things have gotten much better. I remember moving to Cleveland in December 2012 with some savings and a light winter coat. I moved there to be with some friends from a Church I belonged to, and because I wanted a change. Well I got that alright. I had to find a job, which I did; bussing tables at the Olive Garden. I walked in the snow to and fro. I payed my friend from Church/landlord and got to keep the ones I made from tips.

Anyways, now I live in a nice downtown two bed that pays for itself. I’ve got a car that’s truly mine. I’ve got nice clothes and a nice phone and it feels good knowing that I have a rainy day fund in case something goes haywire. I drive for Uber and work when I want to. I can sleep in, clock out, and spend time where and when and with whom I please.

I’ve started selling on Amazon, and I’ve sold about $7000 worth of stuff in the last 30 days. Just when I think, Wow! I found the best deal, how am I going to find a better deal to sell more than this? Then I have found a better deal. By putting more work and focus into reselling on Amazon (mostly via their fulfillment service) I’ve been able to surprise myself with results.

So things are looking up! Sometimes I focus on what could go wrong, but I’m learning to focus on what I have control over, and that’s my perspective. Things always go wrong, but my overall experience has been that choosing to focus on improving what I have control of has worked out most of the time. There’s been plenty of shitty things that have gotten me down and made me doubt myself and my situation, but choosing to totally power through that has kept my alive and well.

So I just thought I would soak it in a little bit and bask in how far I’ve come. And I’m looking foreword to how much further I have to go.